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We are a creative agency and we specialize in creating beautiful imagery using Stable Diffusion and other AI generative tools. From photographs, art prints, logos, copy, etc. we help lean marketing teams, entrepreneurs, brands, bloggers and content creators leverage the power of AI and bravely navigate the new world wide web.

medium (noun)

Material or technical means of artistic expression
(such as paint and canvas, photography, sculptural stone, literary, musical or digital form)

Virtual Influencers are the future

Since the rise of Aitana Lopez, the first virtual influencer to gain popularity, brands and marketing teams have been looking into creating their own virtual influencer. At Brave New Medium, we can help you create your own virtual influencer and have her/him be the face of your brand.

She or he can model clothes, hats, sunglasses and be depicted in any scene you choose, without the monetary and time investment required to set up shoots and work with a human model. Our aim is to not necessarily replace human models, but to supplement their portfolio and provide another way of producing images for marketing teams and brands.

Meet Isabella Jain

Isabella is our lead virtual model at Brave New Medium. She's a 21 year old aspiring influencer, model and content creator from San Diego, California.

What we offer


Using the latest AI generative tools, we're able to create anything you can imagine. From photographs, logo designs, stock images or digital art, we can create consistent imagery that aligns with your brand.


We can help you create compelling copy for your blog, ads, website, etc.

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Deepfake videos

(Coming Soon)

Our team is currently fine tuning our process in producing the highest quality videos created from a blank canvas.

Content Creation

From Instagram Reels, TikTok videos or YouTube Shorts, we can help you create content for your brand and help you connect with your audience.

Content Management

Using Airtable and AI assisted tools, we're able to create a well oiled system for creating content for your blog, social media page or website.

Brand Identity Kit

At Brave New Medium, we can create a logo, as well as templates for Instagram Reels, Stories, Facebook ads, email and other marketing material.

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If you're ready to get to work, we're available for a free 30 minute discovery session via Zoom, so we can learn more about your company and idea.