Meet Isabella

Isabella Jain is our lead virtual influencer and AI model. Her profile is of a 21 year old model and brand ambassador. She's available to model clothes, hats, shoes and jewelry.

Consistent photorealism

One of the great challenges of creating a virtual influencer is creating a character that looks the same no matter which outfit they're wearing or how they're posing. With most image generators, even the same prompts can produce radically different looking faces, hands, etc. Here at Brave New Medium, we aim to perfect the art of creating consistent characters.

Virtual Influencer

Since the rise of Aitana Lopez, the first virtual influencer to gain popularity, brands and marketing teams have been looking into creating their own virtual influencer.

At Brave New Medium, we can help you create your own virtual influencer and have her/him be the face of your brand.

She or he can model clothes, hats, sunglasses and be depicted in any scene you choose, without the monetary and time investment required to set up shoots and work with a human model.

Isabella's Social Media

Isabella's Instagram is an example of social media pages we're able to create and maintain for your business. Every image you see on this IG account, is generated using Stable Diffusion and other AI generative tools.